Installing Plastic Film – Good Idea or Short-Term Fix?

By November 29, 2013 window tips

Energy-Efficient WindowsMany people are looking for ways to increase insulation and reduce energy loss in their homes. There are many ways to keep homes comfortable in the winter. Although replacing windows with energy-efficient ones is the best choice, many people cannot afford this option, especially for an entire house. Therefore, many people look to inexpensive options, such as installing plastic film.

Installing plastic film can be a good idea in certain cases. However, not every home will benefit as much from this idea. Could it work for your home? Here are the benefits and disadvantages to consider.


Installing plastic film is almost like adding an extra window pane. A homeowner may see a significant decrease in heat loss – up to 50 percent in some cases. Plastic film can reduce condensation, which would make the window surfaces inside the home warmer. It can also reduce convective currents, meaning that drafts are less likely. This benefit allows your home to be more comfortable in the winter.

Adding a plastic film is an easy fix. It takes little time to do and is very inexpensive when compared to other options. A film costs only $8-$16, although some people can find it for as little as $4 – a great deal compared to thousands of dollars to replace windows.


Plastic film works best on older windows. If you have newer windows, you won’t notice much in terms of benefits. It needs to be properly installed; if the seal is not smooth and continuous, the film will create condensation, which makes it useless.

Because it is made of plastic, the film is easily torn. Children and pets can damage it. Plus, installing film decreases visibility through the window.

There are other things to consider. Plastic film is not very attractive. If you are looking for a stylish way to insulate your home, curtains would do a much better job. In addition, plastic film can be used only in the winter, so the benefits cannot be seen year-round.

The Verdict

If you have older windows and have limited funds, then plastic film can be a good short-term fix. However, in order to reap more benefits, the wisest choice would be to save up for energy-efficient windows. If that’s not possible, then curtains or some sort of window coverings would be a better option to keep drafts out of the home.

Insulate Your Home the Right Way

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