Why Do Most Homeowners Prefer Vinyl Windows?

By April 24, 2014window tips

It wasn’t too long ago that every window you saw on a house was bordered by a wooden frame.  These wooden windows were painted to match the colour of the rest of the house, and in most cases they added quite a lot of aesthetic value to the home.

Vinyl Window

Of course, wooden windows aren’t used nearly as much these days, as they have been replaced in the marketplace by vinyl windows.  This trend is anything but a “new fad” and many homeowners prefer vinyl windows over the traditional stuff, for a variety of reasons.

Saving Money

Saving money seems to be a great reason for liking most things, and vinyl windows are another one to add to the list.  Vinyl windows are energy efficient windows, which means you will save on your energy bills.  Less heat will escape in the winter and less cool air will escape in the summer.


Vinyl is strong and it is adaptable and it this type of window will last longer than wood in the vast majority of cases.  Wood has a tendency to decay over time and vinyl does not, which means a longer lifetime and fewer replacements or repairs.  The durability factor is also another example of saving money over the long term.


Vinyl windows are usually available in prices that meet a variety of different budgets, making them affordable to most homeowners.  Prices will vary depending on the type of windows you prefer, but since vinyl windows are available in so many different styles, the savings are there.


Vinyl windows don’t require painting every couple years, the rain and snow won’t damage the frames and termites will never try to call them home.  The extremely low level of maintenance required for vinyl windows is a big factor in why so many homeowners prefer them to other styles.  They will always look the same, and you can spend your time doing other things.

Noise and Wind

Rattling windows, hearing noises from the outside and feeling the wind from the outside are all issues that happen from time to time, but not with vinyl windows.  They provide a greater level of insulation and the way they are made creates an effective barrier between you and the outside world, when you want a barrier in place.  Quiet when you want quiet, warm when you want warm and cool when you want cool.

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