Wood vs. Vinyl Replacement Windows

By November 30, 2013window tips

Vinyl Insulated WindowsWhen you decide to replace your home’s windows, you’ll find yourself faced with a big question: wood or vinyl? Window manufacturers use a variety of materials to make their products. Today, though, wood and vinyl stand out as two of the most popular options. Before you take a side, you’ll need to compare the benefits of wood and vinyl to decide which one will work best for you.

The Cost of Wood and Vinyl Windows

There’s no contest when it comes to affordability. Vinyl replacement windows almost always cost less than wood windows. The material costs less and the windows are easier to install. That means you can save hundreds of dollars when you get new windows.

Vinyl windows will also help you save money by lowering the amount of energy you use heating and cooling your house. Vinyl windows often have an interior honeycomb structure that offers better insulation. That means you lower your household bills so you can save money for years to come.

Wood and Vinyl Appearance

Some people feel that wood windows look better than vinyl windows. That’s an aesthetic choice that doesn’t have anything to do with whether one type of window works better.

Wood windows can look very attractive. So can vinyl windows. People who say that vinyl windows don’t look nice are usually thinking of the vinyl windows first made during the 1970s. Today’s manufacturers, however, have learned to produce vinyl windows in a variety of styles. No matter what kind of look you want for your home, you can probably find vinyl windows that match your preference.

Maintaining Wood and Vinyl Windows

Wood windows require quite a bit of upkeep. If you don’t repaint them at least once every few years, water can damage the frames. That can quickly lead to mildew, termites, and other problems that cost a lot to repair.

You never have to paint vinyl windows. They don’t require any paint at all. Vinyl products naturally resist the negative effects of moisture. This helps them look nice and protect your home for decades with little to no maintenance.

That’s a great option for busy families that don’t want to spend time and money painting windows.

Wood and vinyl windows both have their places. Most people, however, find that they get the best experience when they choose vinyl. Once they look at the lower costs, improved efficiency, and low maintenance, they know that vinyl is most often than not the right choice.

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