Everything You Need to Know About Picture Windows

By July 22, 2013windows

picture window

When choosing new windows for your home, the amount of choices can leave you a bit dizzy. We are here to make the decision a bit easier by giving you an in-depth look at picture windows.

What Are Picture Windows?

Simply enough, a picture window acts as a frame to the outside world. There is no glazing bars or any other feature that impede your view of the scenery outside the window. If you have a particularly impressive view, this is a great way to ‘frame’ it. It maximizes the area of the glass, so you get the largest possible view of your great outdoors.

View Versatile

Picture windows can come in a variety of styles. You can find windows that match your price, aesthetics, the architecture of your home, the weather conditions in the area you live in and more. Picture windows can lend a very modern look to a home, as well as let a great deal of light in. For individuals who would prefer glass that blocks some light, allows privacy or a more classic look, glass can be customized for various frosted patterns.

Their simple design allows them to be treated with various accessories that work. They can easily be fitted with blinds, curtains, awnings or any other add-on you can think of.

Very Efficient

Most of the picture windows you will find cannot be opened. While this may not be preferable, it makes them great for energy efficiency. There are no seams, which can let air out or in.  Most picture window models now come with Low-E glass and energy efficient ratings. With energy efficient glass, you stand to save at least 10% on your energy bill every year.


Since most picture windows do not open, they are a lesser risk for unwanted intruders. Glass can be made to withstand a direct hit, heightening the chance that an intruder will think twice before a second attempt. There’s no worry of leaving the window open after you leave the house, and no anxiety over whether or not you’ve closed it.


If you have older picture windows, you may want to consider upgrading. Older glass is less energy efficient than the newer stuff. Not only will you be saving a bundle on your energy bill, you will be helping the environment all year round.

The question you need to answer is ‘what do you want your windows to do for you?’ There are so many options available for picture windows;you will have no problem finding one that fits your home. Picture windows add aesthetics and value; they are an energy-smart choice for both your family and the environment.

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