What is a Bow Window and How is it Different From a Bay Window?

By August 5, 2013windows

Bow Window

Both bay and bow windows provide you with a great view of your surroundings. They are both arched and give you a larger viewing area. Both windows come in a variety of styles, and can be a magnificent addition to your home; although, there are significant design differences between these two window types.

What is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are usually made up of three windows, each of a different size. The center window is the largest, and it is flanked on either side by two smaller windows. These smaller windows are known as casement windows. The center window cannot be opened for ventilation.

Because of their construction, bay windows have a few limitations and a few advantages over bow windows.

What is a Bow Window and How is it Different?

Bow windows are slightly different in their construction. Instead of varied sizes, each window is the same. This allows the window to have a gradual curve along it, giving it a different design and feel.

Bow windows commonly require more construction than bay windows, and there may be more material that obstructs the view. A bow window will require more frames, because of the higher number of windows that need to be installed.

You will find three different types of installations for bow windows: casements, single-hung and double-hung. There are many styles, sizes and colors to choose from.

You might want to consider installing triple-paned glass. Having a large number of windows in the home creates the potential for high-energy usage, but installing double paned glass in bow windows reduces the amount of heating and cooling throughout the year. Older homes that have trouble keeping the energy costs low especially can benefit from this.

By installing bow windows or bay windows, you can create an elegant look and feel to your home on both the inside and outside. The smoothly arched curve creates a soft appearance to your home. Realtors have even been known to admit that it can be a huge selling point on a home.  It adds curb appeal and creates a focal point. It is a renovation you will not be disappointed with – and neither will any of your neighbours.

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