An open, well lit room with a fireplace.


Entry Doors

The style of doors is very important to the overall look and feel of any house. The first choice you need to make is steel OR fibreglass. Most wood doors you see today are actually fibreglass. Window Choice recommends fibreglass specifically for wood-grain applications - this is because fibreglass is more sensitive than steel to the elements and requires more hardware in order to secure the system from warping, and twisting out of alignment.


Modern doors require more protection from wear and tear. Customers want maximum security, minimum maintenance, and astragle systems that are actually convenient to use. High security flush bolts, Multi-point locking systems, Programmable locks. Security, reliability, longevity. Multipoint locks and operational sidelites.


Add a dynamic colour to your front door. Black for a clean, defined look, or maybe red for a splash colour. Chocolate browns, sandblasted glass, or even build your own custom door with the number of glass lites you prefer. Steel, or Fibreglass. Choose the look and feel of your entrance.