A well lit, modern designed living room, with a large window.


Symmetry, Balance & Coordination

Windows are a combination of symmetry, balance, and coordination. That’s why we say you don’t see a great window job, it just blends into the overall picture. The house just looks...great! You don’t want to see the windows, you want to see through the windows.

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When discussing with our customers we talk about symmetry being very important; that the size of your windows matches the scale of the other objects attached to your house.

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We talk about the balance of the opening windows vs. fixed windows and having practical glass viewing areas with as little obstruction as possible.

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Finally we talk about coordination with colours, doors, roof design, and just the overall look and feel of your home; exterior and interior.

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Why Energy Star & Window Choice?

All of our windows come with Cardinal glass standard, you can customize your glass setup to achieve almost any result: soundproofing, security, style, performance.

Talk to your Window Choice representative to help walk you through the many glass options – most custom setups are for obvious situational concerns such as: custom builds, cold-weather location, highways etc…

Most customers will have a standard setup of Low E272 & Argon Gas

  • 7/8″ overall CARDINAL I.G. sealed units. These avoid and are warrantied against very common and expensive seal failure problems.
  • “Cardinal’s superior IG construction translates into a 0.2% seal failure rate over twenty years – plainly the lowest in the industry.