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Our customers choose Window Choice because we provide warranty and service along with consistent pricing and a personal touch. With no pressure tactics or gimmicks, Window Choice delivers a high level of service with pricing that has always been extremely competitive. The owners are accessible and the products are reliable. We explain your windows and doors in straightforward terms while taking the risk of installation out of your hands. With Window Choice you don’t pay until your job is completed. This includes installation, cleanup, disposal and delivery. We look forward to your business!

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Casement Window

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Lifetime Warranty.

Casements are best known as the infamous “Crank Windows”, casements are a great choice for the front of the house as their screens are on the inside of the house allowing a beautiful, clean look from the outside. Casements work on a bulb seal system similar to the concept of how your fridge would close; this is done by compressing the air out of the seal for a tight fit. Awnings are the same construction as a casement except for the fact that there are two locks instead of one. Awning windows are generally done in kitchens, bathrooms and sometimes as an upgraded basement window.